How did the governments of Central Asia respond to CAN EECCA’s anti-nuclear position?

On April 26, the anniversary of the Chernobyl accident, CAN EECCA published its position on nuclear energy. In addition, we sent letters to the three governments of the countries – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan – where nuclear power plants are planned. We were interested in whether the governments of these countries really fully realize all the risks associated with the possible construction of nuclear power plants on their territories.

CAN EECCA is looking for a digital marketer

CAN EECCA have a weekly Russian news digest and a fortnightly English newsletter. We send the most relevant climate news to our subscribers, network members, climate publications, media organizations, and society. We want to improve newsletter coverage and increase the number of our subscribers. Goals: Improve the reliability and stability of newsletter/digest distribution, minimizing the…

The water crisis in Central Asia – how to find solutions?

Central Asia is facing a severe water crisis that threatens not only economic development but also the lives of millions of people. The lack of freshwater due to climate change and inefficient water management poses significant challenges for the region’s countries. With the advent of summer, the capitals and many small towns of Central Asia are faced with an acute problem of access to drinking water. CAN EECCA analyzed the situation.