Sharing information and supporting online platforms are at the core of our network's work.

The audiences targeted by our media work are decision-makers (officials, members of official delegations, experts, deputies), journalists from the EECCA region, network member organizations, international journalists and NGOs

We base our communication on three main messages:

EECCA countries are vulnerable to the climate crisis and must therefore adapt, switch to renewable energy and phase out fossil fuels by 2050.
To avoid the climate crisis and achieve carbon neutrality, we need to unite and support each other (activists, NGOs, journalists, authorities, scientists).
The community in EECCA is directly affected by the consequences of the climate crisis and is ready to cooperate in order to solve the problem together.

We publish our articles, press releases, network member statements and messages on our main website and we also produce a weekly digest compiling regional and global news on climate change, energy and renewables.

We have active pages on all the major social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram in Russian and English.

We are always open to new media partnerships. If you would like to take comments from experts of the network or members of our team, or suggest joint material, please contact Nazik Mamasadykova at, CAN EECCA network communicator.

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