You can work with us in a format that suits you

Are you a civil society organisation (CSO) from Eastern Europe, Caucasus or Central Asia (EECCA)? Do you work on climate policy, energy issues, adaptation or other climate related topics? Then, you can apply to become a member of the biggest climate network of CSOs in the world!

How to became a network member

Membership in CAN EECCA provides many benefits:

International recognition

You automatically become part of the huge Climate Action Network, which brings together more than 1500 CSOs in 130 countries around the world

Expert collaboration

You get access to a huge number of experts who are part of the network

UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP)

You will be more prepared to participate in the UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP) in a meaningful way because our network will help you prepare before the event and not get lost during the conference

CAN network projects

You can take part in our projects that are limited to network members and find partners for projects from other countries

Promotion on international platforms

Your voice will be heard on various international platforms where CAN is represented, as well as in the media

Global Advocacy

Your advocacy can become much more effective if dozens or hundreds of CSOs from all over the world stand behind it

Communication Support

The audience of all our communication platforms will know about your activities and events

Organizations of CAN network

What does membership in the CAN EECCA network require from you:

Values and Mission

Supporting Our Values and Strategic Directions

Your time

Currently we do not ask for membership fees, but as part of the network you should have enough time to participate in our activities and meetings


We appreciate when members of the network not only respond to inquiries, but also actively share their news, invite other members to events and initiate positions

Desire to be present at the international level

There are many working groups in the CAN network where you can discuss your topic with colleagues from all over the world, so we encourage interest in international climate policy and networking from our members