Our network is involved in working with climate policy at several levels:

1. National

Ambitious climate policy

We support network members in their national advocacy by sending official letters to governments, participating in public consultations, creating positions and communication materials. We also follow the successes and failures of the EECCA countries in climate policy and regularly create materials with our comments.

Countries in the EECCA region should adopt plans for real reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and set the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. For our countries, adaptation and prevention of damage from climate disasters is also a very important issue. Appropriate strategies must be created with the input of indigenous peoples, communities and cities if they are to have a chance of being of real benefit. At the same time, civil society organizations must necessarily take part in the processes of discussing any new goals and strategies.

2. Regional

Links between countries

We analyze relationships between countries and keep in touch with organizations that are responsible for specific regions, such as the Eastern Partnership or Central Asia.

The EECCA region does not have a centralized government, but there are many links between countries, especially in the energy sector. We try to show these relationships and work with network members from relevant countries to increase the impact of advocacy. For example, the countries of Central Asia depend on each other because of the rivers that flow from one country to another, playing an important role for agriculture and hydroelectric power. Countries like Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova that have signed an Association Agreement with the EU also have their common goals, such as the reforms that need to be implemented to move towards EU membership. Understanding these and other linkages across countries helps plan campaigns better and help our network members reach their goals.

3. International

UNFCCC negotiations

Our network is always present at the international UN climate negotiations – Conference of Parties (COP). This is one of the main platforms for international advocacy that our network members have. We help network members to prepare for the conference, organize side events, obtain accreditation and meet with decision makers. COP was a platform for the CSOs of our region to unite in 2008. We continue to follow the negotiations every year, write reviews and common positions. The voice of the public at such sites is often oppressed, so the importance of our work becomes very visible at such moments.

Review of UN negotiations

For each UN negotiation, we prepare a separate systematised information hub on the website with relevant news, positions and reviews.