Influence nationally, regionally and internationally, participate in COP
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Helping activists to be strong, professional and united
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Develop strategic relationships with communicators and media in the region and other countries
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The strategic directions of our network:


Support the development of an ambitious and just climate policy in the EECCA countries, including through coordination at the UNFCCC negotiations.


Multi-level mobilization of civil society, and strengthening the impact of the public, including local communities, on the development of climate policy


Exchange of experience between various stakeholders, creation of platforms for collaboration and dissemination of knowledge on the climate crisis


Cooperation with the media, development and support of communication channels in the field of combating climate change

The main task of CAN EECCA is to support and promote members of our network

Organizations that are part of our network work in the following areas:


National climate policy

Negotiations of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Development of renewable energy without damage to nature

Energy efficiency and energy saving

Moving away from fossil fuels

Just transition

Green Deal for cities and governments

Sustainable transport

Clean air

Forest protection, reforestation

Climate change adaptation

Conservation of biodiversity

Educational work, dissemination of environmental knowledge

Development of environmental activism

Support for mountain communities and developing countries