Dear readers, we continue our column “How did the war change the lives of our network members in Ukraine?”

The team of the public organization «Ukrainian Ecological Club «Green Wave», Kyiv, Ukraine, organized by seven girls who are «burning» with the «green ideas».

They are from different cities of Ukraine. Two employees of the organization were forced to move because of Russian invasion to their regions: Donetsk and Chernihiv. Nowdayes the team is geographically located in Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk.

The mission of the Ecoclub «Green Wave»: for the sake of the future of mankind, and in particular future generations, to preserve the natural environment and help reduce the negative impact on it through the popularization of the ecological lifestyle and education of children and adults.

“Due to the war in my region (Donetsk region), my family and I were forced to leave home and go to Ivano-Frankivsk. Despite the situation, I continue to work and want to be useful on my “front” as much as possible. The team and I continue to keep in touch, support each other and plan our activities in these difficult conditions,” — writes the team’s communicator Daria.

Prior to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, the team implemented several projects and developed the «Keep Cool Mobile» environmental game to scale climate change knowledge among locals.

“Now we are forced to suspend current projects, and we need additional financial resources to reorient our educational projects,” — the activists of the organization write.

The main directions of the Green Wave Ecoclub projects at the moment are: a series of educational webinars and short videos, the creation of an analytical review on the impact of military operations on natural ecosystems, hydrological balance, soil conditions, etc. on the basis of open scientific works / data for further use by interested parties in the process of rebuilding Ukraine after the war, as well as the launch of the Remote Climate School for primary school kids.

You can help our network members and contribute by following bank details:

Euro: UA963510050000026003328752100, JSC “UKRSIBBANK” Benificiary bank (JSC “UKRSIBBANK”) 07205696, SWIFT: KHABUA2K

USD: UA963510050000026003328752100, JSC “UKRSIBBANK” Benificiary bank (JSC “UKRSIBBANK”) 07205696, SWIFT: KHABUA2K


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