Dear readers, we continue our column “How did the war change the lives of our network members in Ukraine?”.

During the first month of full-scale war in Ukraine, the Russian army destroyed or captured more than 400 educational institutions, at least 36 healthcare institutions, 1600 residential buildings, and more than 15 thousand kilometers of roads. As a result, dozens of Ukrainian communities were left cut off from other regions of the country: without food, medicine, water or electricity.

Ecoclub team before the war

Ecoclub is a nongovernmental environmental organization focused on energy from the city of Rivne, Ukraine. Before the war, Ecoclub worked to create a secure future with affordable energy for communities and cities.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of energy efficiency, including organizing educational events (seminars, lectures, and training), street actions, advocacy and research. We publish analytical reports and studies, broadcast through the media our vision of energy policy and energy efficiency,” write members of the Ecoclub in Rivne.

Ecoclub also helps to develop Action Plans for Sustainable Energy Development and Climate for Ukrainian municipalities, conducts webinars and consultations on energy efficiency issues for associations of co-owners of apartment buildings. They defend the right to clean air in Rivne and Gorodok due to the construction of a woodworking enterprise, introducing a network of public air monitoring in them, and are suing potential polluters.

Ecoclub activists are collecting aid for Ukraine people

“Our organization has also helped set up several revolving funds, is working on the energy transition, and is doing outreach work on the creation of energy cooperatives. We believe that energy cooperatives were relevant before the start of the war and will become even more relevant after it, because it is an opportunity to develop the energy independence of society, earn money and take care of the environment” — write members of Ecoclub.

Active volunteering during the war

Due to the devastating full-scale Russian invasion to Ukraine, the Ecoclub in Rivne has partially postponed energy and climate projects. Now the whole team is helping Ukrainian municipalities and doctors. Until March 28, during the month of the war, they have sent humanitarian aid to ten locations in Ukraine and continue to collect requests and look for solutions.

Ecoclub team during the war

Thanks to the “Help to Rivne” initiative, which was founded by Oksana Pol, a board member of the Ecoclub, the activists raised about 60,000 euros, and the fundraising continues to this day. 40,000 euros of this money have been spent on which medicines and first-aid kits have been purchased, which have already been transferred to several communities in Ukraine.

You can make your contribution to support the civil society of Ukraine and send a donation to the Ecoclub.


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