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Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, our network members from Ukraine were involved in the development of climate policy, transition to green energy, conservation of forests and wetlands, biodiversity, nuclear safety, environmental rights, etc. They participated in major international events on climate policy and were active members of the Climate Action Network. Also, they were building strong community supporters in their cities and villages. Hundreds of civil activists worked in these non-governmental organizations. They had ambitious plans to combat climate change, and adapt to it, to develop the climate movement not only in Ukraine but in the entire EECCA region.

But on February 24, 2022, with the outbreak of the Russian war in Ukraine, all plans and projects collapsed at once. More than 1,000 rockets were fired at Ukrainian cities, and about ⅓ of natural areas were damaged. More than 10 million people were forced to leave their homes (3 million abroad and 7 million inside Ukraine). Nuclear safety has become the focus of the world’s attention.

NGOs had to adapt to new conditions and difficulties. But despite all the obstacles caused by the war, our network members continue to promote climate, environmental, and energy issues, while helping communities, refugees, and the military.

We, CAN EECCA, decided to ask our network members from Ukraine how their lives turned upside down and what they are doing now.

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Ekoltava: Despite the war, we will plant a tree and continue to sort waste!

Ecoltava is an independent association of experts and environmental activists, established in 2013 in Poltava, to help communities implement environmental solutions and become nature conscious.

Members of NGO «Ekoltava» before the war

The main directions of Ekoltava are the implementation of environmental solutions in communities, rational waste management and minimization, adaptation to climate change, environmental education and organizational development. At present, Ekoltava continues its activities. Despite the missiles flying overhead, the organization is launching the «Plant!» initiative.

“It will help Ukrainians who, due to the war with the Russian Federation, cannot afford to buy seeds to sow vegetable gardens and provide their families with food until the end of the year. The first 2,000 euros have already been raised by our Hungarian activist friends. With all this money we will buy and collect seed boxes to send to about 150-200 families in the villages. The more money we manage to raise, the more people we can help,” wrote activists from Ecoltava.

Members of the NGO Ekoltava provides agriculture advices to local farmers

The organization also launched the action «Humanitarian and food security of settlements in Ukraine». Everyone can donate to this «non-refundable financial assistance». Organization to provide a public financial statement of the assistance provided.

Bank details for donations:

26000278736.978 / UA843204780000000026000278736

NGO Ekoltava

Код ЄДРПОУ / ІПН: 38937033

Beneficiary Bank:



26000278736.840 / UA843204780000000026000278736


Код ЄДРПОУ / ІПН: 38937033

Beneficiary Bank:



You can contact Yulia Pashkovskaya to learn more about NGO Ecoltava, she is also a board member of CAN EECCA

+38099 984 984 1 (Telegram, WhatsApp)

skype: svoboda-slova

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