New short film from CAN EECCA, #WorldWeWant

Small lakes and glaciers are the primary sources of water in Central Asia. Lake Song-Köl is located in Kyrgyzstan and could disappear by 2050 if adaptation measures are not implemented. In the frame of the World We Want campaign launched by Climate Action Network, CAN EECCA is releasing a video about lake Song-Köl and its importance for the region’s water security and biodiversity.

Song-Köl is an alpine lake in northern Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. It lies at an altitude of 3016 m above sea level and has an area of about 270 km². The lake is filled with glaciers in the surrounding mountains.

According to the experts, in the next 50 years, Song-Köl will disappear completely. The disappearance of Song-Köl will have a substantial negative impact on the lives of the local people, especially women and children. It will force them to leave their homeland, where they have lived for hundreds of years.

Head of Building Power Department at CAN-International Muhammed Lamin Saidykhan called for action to protect environmental rights of Kyrgyz people.

“The people of Kyrgyzstan deserve the right to clean water for their survival. Their water source must be saved, polluters must be stopped now. #PayUP4LossAndDamage”

Meanwhile local environmental activists are taking adaptation measures to preserve small lakes in Kyrgyzstan.

Member of CAN EECCA, NGO Institute for Sustainable Development Strategy (ISDS), is implementing projects on adaptation of remote regions in Kyrgyzstan to climate change. Anara Momunova, director of the ISDS, talks about climate change awareness work in Song-Köl, which they did over the last few years.

“We have developed a Song-Köl plant map and an innovative bird map. Together with the Department of Biodiversity, we developed a 5-year plan for the sustainable use of wetlands in Song-Köl. We conduct community monitoring. We work closely with activists, local residents, and we filmed documentaries with local media organizations on the issue of environmental rights, specifically on the conservation of biodiversity. For local residents, we want to give an alternative as an idea on adapting to climate change. For example, we conduct business training on beekeeping, ecotourism, and gardening. It’s important to implement adaptation and solution activities step by step in a simple way to villagers, because climate change issues are affecting them directly. With implementing awareness among people, we can take some actions on adaptation. Also, filming and spreading information about local issues can raise regional and global awareness of the problem.”.

Kyrgyzstan is the smallest country in Central Asia, its place in global climate policy is almost negligible. However, the impact of climate change is huge in Kyrgyzstan, which has a negative effect on Central Asia as a whole.

What is the #WorldWeWant campaign?

The Climate Action Network, most prominent climate NGO network, is running the #WorldWeWant campaign to raise the voices of people on the front lines of the climate crisis through short films. Main aim is to demand from government respond to climate problems urgent action.
Communities from all over the world tell their stories about how they suffer from the effects of climate change, fossil fuel extraction, and pollution and also about possible solutions.

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