We members of the CAN EECCA have been following the threats of the Russian authorities against Ukraine and, unfortunately, on the morning of February 24th, news appeared about the full-scale invasion of the Russian army into Ukraine. Our network’s Board contacted Olha Boiko, CAN Coordinator for Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia (CAN EECCA) in Ukraine; she as well as the member of the CAN EECCA Board Julia Pashkovska are safe.

Any military action turns the lives of hundreds of thousands of people upside down and has a profound negative impact on the environment. At a time when the world and our region are already weakened by climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, this war will bring even more instability and loss of life. The world does not need another armed conflict.

Ukrainian civil society organizations play an important role in the development of the country and in the CAN EECCA. Democracy, a strong civil society and peaceful diplomatic relations with neighboring countries are the key to the development of a modern state. The Russian government is now discrediting all the work done by local civil society organizations, risking to lose international credibility and setting back progress in many areas.

  • We call on the international civil society and partners to actively share verified news, publicly condemn the actions of the Russian government, and help Ukraine during this difficult time.
  • We call on civil society in the EECCA region to support each other and stay united.
  • We ask all of you not to give in to disinformation, to check the reliability of the news, and to do everything that is up to you to support Ukraine.