Civil society welcomes the G20 summit commitment to take stronger climate actions. It is for the first time ever that the G20 summit has prepared a detailed climate and energy action plan containing the list of actions to fight climate change. All countries except the USA have acknowledged that climate actions pertain to the protection of public health and ecosystems while promoting the economic growth and global stability.

The G19 leaders (without the USA) stated that the Paris Agreement is irreversible and underscored once again the importance of the developed nations adherence to their UNFCCC obligations to provide financing for the developing countries and to assist them in the taking of mitigation and adaptation measures in accordance with the deliverables of the Paris Agreement.

Notwithstanding the USA withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the G19 maintained consensus on the climate change. They have many allies on their side in different cities, regions and businesses to move together towards a safe and clean future. Civil society expects that all nations will benefit from this positive impulse. We urge the countries to implement the Paris Agreement and to get ready for the evaluation of their collective progress in 2018. Civil society supports Argentina promoting the progressive climate agenda as the venue for the next G20 summit.

«The key achievement of the Summit is that the G20 has kept the climate agenda and remained committed to the Paris Agreement», said Vladimir Chuprov, Head of the Greenpeace Russia Energy Program. «In Russia, a powerful lobby has been formed and actively opposed the ratification of the Paris Agreement, making all efforts to prevent the transition to low-carbon energy systems. The Hamburg resolution has brought hope that Russia will shortly commence the transition away from oil and coal dependence and invest in energy and resource efficient technologies and renewable energy rather than fossil fuels.»

«Environmental NGOs in EECCA countries welcome the G20 political will to address the climate change notwithstanding the position of the United States. We hope that actions will follow the political declarations and that increasingly more countries, including, without limitation, Russia, will aim to achieve 100%RE,» said Irina Stavchuk, a CAN EECCA coordinator.

«The G20 has a positive effect showing that nothing will stop the development of clean energy regardless of the existing subjective views. Such is the objective reality for all countries, including those who have not ratified the Paris Agreementsaid Aleksey Kokorin, Head of WWF Russia Climate and Energy programme. «Russia should therefore be involved more actively in the transition to the low-carbon development scheme and adaptation actions. This includes, without limitation, the economy sector, public health, environmental protection, etc.»


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