We are pleased to share information about the webinar that took place on 23th of March, with Dr. Rahat Sabyrbekov, visiting fellow at Davis Center at Harvard University as the speaker on the topic «New IPCC Report. Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability: Lessons for Central Asia».

During his presentation, Dr. Sabyrbekov talked about the main findings of the 6th Assessment of the new IPCC report which released in 20th of March, on the impact of climate change, adaptation, and vulnerability in Central Asia. The report was prepared by a group of experts, including representatives from 67 IPCC member countries, and is an important study in the field of climate change in the region.

Dr. Sabyrbekov emphasized that Central Asia is at risk from climate change, which manifests itself in the form of rising temperatures, deterioration of water resources, increasing frequency of extreme weather events, and other factors. He also noted that measures need to be taken to adapt and mitigate the consequences of climate change, as well as increase the region’s resilience to these changes.

The webinar attracted a large number of participants who asked questions and discussed topics raised by the speaker. We hope that this event will serve as a stimulus for further research and practical actions in the field of climate change adaptation and mitigation in Central Asia.

The link to the webinar recording.

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